Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nature's Pallette

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Who says green and purple don't go together? Trying to hide in the fuzzy purple blossoms of a Mexican Sage, this cucumber beetle, a scourge of the garden if ever there was one, makes quite a nice splash of contrasting color. For a moment, anyway.


anna maria said...

Ah, you are finally back! Hope you had a great vacation. I have always loved purple and green together. I've never seen the fuzzy purple blossoms of the Mexican Sage. Love them and he's cute too, but not for long I guess.

christine said...

Hello Anna Maria,
So nice to hear from you. Yes, I'm back, and our vacation was wonderful. I'm hoping to put some flower photos up here soon.
Ah, the cucumber beetles. I left this one alone, to go on its merry way, but they really can wreak havoc on a row of green beans. In the past, if there's a big infestation of these critters, I've sprinkled diatomacious earth on my plants and that seems to do the trick.

dianna said...

Hi Christine,
Glad your home--can't wait to see your vacation pics! Bet you had a blast! Missed your beautiful pictures to brighten the day. Have a good one!

christine said...

Hey D,
Good to hear from you. Let's have lunch soon.