Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oriental Lily

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This is one of those beautiful and fragrant Oriental lilies that someone gave to me and I lost the tag and thought I'd never forget the name of it and now I have. Forgotten the name. It blooms in a large terra cotta pot in late August, early September and sits just outside the front door, greeting all who come by with a most heavenly scent.


anna maria said...

Not by any chance somethng like stargazer is it? Someone bought a bunch of those for my mother once when I was visiting and they filled the house with such a strong perfume, that we both got headaches and had to put the bouquet on the balcony!
You find the cutest bugs to photograph.

christine said...

Hi Anna Maria,
I thought it was a stargazer too but all the photos I could find show them to have a lot of maroon in them and spots on the petals. This one is pure white. I'll just have to keep looking.
As for the bugs, it's more like they find me. I just happen upon them at the funniest moments, usually when I least expect it.

Dianna said...

What a beautiful Lily and yes that bug is cute. And indeed it puts out a strong fragrance, but I love it!!

Paz said...

How nice! I love the different stages in which you've photographed this flower, including the one with its visitor. ;-