Saturday, September 02, 2006

Light Through The Fog

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After a number of exquisitely beautiful days, I was prepared to get up this morning and expound, in rosy prose, upon the glories of the coming of Autumn on the North Coast. The tang in the air, the soft colors of the sun... pah! The fog is so thick I get wet walking the 100 feet from my house to my office.
I have found, however, that it does this valley gal no good to be pissy about it. There's an old saying up here (and I'm sure in other places too): "If you don't like the weather in Humboldt county, wait a minute." So I just took up my itty bitty camera and went outside looking for foggy photos...

As I walked through the mist, and spied this beauty, I was reminded of something I wrote a number of years ago. We had just moved up here permanently from the area where I had happily spent most of my life. It was one of the foggiest spring/summers on record and I was terribly sad. The only thing I could hold on to was that I did love my husband, I did. Still do.

Smooth bare feet

Luscious spring wind

A rose shines through mist

Love whispers deliriously


Andrew said...

So many of my readers have issues with their husband. It is SO nice to hear such a positive hubbie comment. Good for you. And the colors in those photos are wonderful.

To Love, Honor and Dismay

One happy guy said...

I have been honored and blessed to have spent half of my life with Christine, this luscious culinary artist, writer, photographer, and more. Incredibly, in all ways, it just keeps getting better and better. A toast, to our love…..

The husband

christine said...

Oh my, I didn't know I could blush so. Sneaky guy, you didn't let on that you'd written this, just left it for me to find. Well, back atcha, baby!

Oh, and Andrew? This says it all.