Wednesday, August 16, 2006


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The last two times Clay has taken the cover off of the grill, this little guy
has been inside. It sits, rather non-plussed by the sudden light, for a few minutes
before coming to its senses and hopping away into the mint that grows at the edge of the deck.
This time I had my camera close by. Isn't he/she cute?


Shane Marie said...

Gosh, he looks just like my grandmother's jade pendant! Weird connection to make, I know. I like the second picture where he/she is looking at your hands as if wondering what to make of it all.

And I suspect your "beginner's luck" with photographs is more like talent and an obvious affinity for everything you capture with your camera!


christine said...

Hi Shane,
The second photo is my favorite also. It was sitting there with a "now how do I get over this?" look on its face. If a frog can do such a thing. :)
I do love photographing the critters.

sher said...

My goodness! That a National Geographic quality picture. I see you have lovely little frogs. Most of ours were wiped out in developement. And they were just little grey things. I'm going to Napa today. Going to eat at Mustard's Grill.

Paz said...

I'm not crazy about frogs but this one looks cute! I agree with Sher: National Geographic quality picture. Interesting how it finds its way under the grill cover.


christine said...

I think that "little gray things" may mean they were toads which are much more prevalent in the valley than up here. We have tree frogs and we have red-legged frogs which are on the endangered species watch list. This one looks like a tree frog in its face and a red-legged frog in its legs - A puzzlement!

Hi Paz,
Yeah, I'm not sure why it wants to get under that cover either. Sometimes we find them in the strangest places though. In buckets; in the shop bathroom; on an outside wall under a porch light. They go for the bugs.