Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blue Hydrangea

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I know I've done this before, and this blog isn't even that old, but the blueness of this lovely flower head that grows on a plant outside my office is so beautiful that I took another photo today. And so I offer it to you.


Paz said...

Beautiful! Love the color. Dumb question: Do they come in different colors like white? I've taken photos of a similar looking flower, which is white.


Dianna said...

That is drop dead gorgeous! Bet the whole bush is breathtaking--nice photo! Are you still drying them?

christine said...

Hi Paz, Sorry I missed your comment earlier. Yes, they come in a number of shades of white, pink, blue and purple. This one is called a mophead hydrangea but there are also lacecaps and several other kinds. I have one that has white, star-shaped flowers, but it hardly ever blooms.
No questions are dumb. :)

Thanks Dianna. Yes, I let them dry on the plant then cut them. The beautiful purple-green ones you're probably referring to didn't bloom this year. I think I whacked them back too severely! Next year...