Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer Fog

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It was bound to happen. We've been waiting, hardly daring to breathe. After several weeks of glorious sun, crystal clear blue skies and WARMTH, the fog is back. Dense, wet, drippy fog. It covers everything. It weighs down the flower stalks. It causes roses to develop the hated black-spot and the just setting vegetable blossoms to rot and drop off. It drips from the alder trees, wetting our heads as we walk up the path to the house. It blocks out the sun and makes us shiver in the middle of the day. AND, it feeds the redwoods which is why we live here. It keeps our little section of California green while the rest of the state is brown and, often this time of year, scorched.
Am I complaining? Only a little. I've become accustomed to it. Resigned, really. The Sacramento valley girl in me wants to high-tail it inland to the sun and heat, planting tomatoes as I go. But to tell the truth, I don't tolerate that valley heat like I used to. Still, maybe the sun will come out again tomorrow. For now, there's beauty to be found regardless of the weather.

This little guy is grounded until the fog droplets dry from
his wings and hairs. You've got to click on this to see the
incredible close-up details.


sher said...

Ahh--I love this picture! But, I bet it's a little girl. Male bees are...only good for one thing, and it's not foraging! :)

christine said...

I knew that about honey bees, but honestly didn't think about it applying to bumblebees as well. I'll call them little gals from now on. :)