Sunday, March 01, 2015

Signs of Spring

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Signs of spring are appearing everywhere in the garden, around town, and throughout the county. The robins are back in droves denuding the Cotoneaster tree of its berries, small Ruby-Crowned Kinglets and Golden-Crowned Kinglets are flitting in and out of shrubs, catching the newly hatched gnats and other sources of food that are invisible to my eye. The grasses have grown to almost knee height, making the time when I can get in and mow (when it's dry enough) a hard and odious chore.

Yesterday and today have been so full of glorious sunshine that the chilly breeze accompanying it can largely be ignored.

Rhodies and azaleas are blooming, tiny irises are blooming, there are new green tips on the redwood trees, salamanders are beginning to stir, the deer are back (and eating my just-leafing-out roses), tiny hummingbirds are pulling the fluff from Japanese anemones to line their nests, what I like to call our bevy of resident quail have made their appearance - their sudden en masse burst of flight always startling -, small bumble bees are bumbling around the ever-blooming tiny Fuchsias, and I could revel in this season forever.

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Sylvia K said...

Oh, Christine, what a beautiful blossom and a fantastic capture!! I can almost feel the texture of the petals!! Thank you for sharing the beauty! Good to see you online and thank you, as always, for visiting/commenting on my blog!! We are enjoying incredibly beautiful weather these days, aren't we!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and a lovely new week!!!

Christine said...

Hi Sylvia. So nice to read your comment here. I'm coming to Portland in April; will contact you before. :-)