Saturday, March 22, 2014

Of Spring and Goats

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I have been looking and looking for the quintessential image of spring in my garden.  And while there are many flowers (I'll tell you about the goat in a minute), and many lovely green leaves on the trees and shrubs, and even blue skies, which are sadly not filled with Swallows yet, not one of my photos actually shouted Use Me!

Then this lovely African violet, sitting near the breakfast table in east light, began to bloom, with her spun sugar-like petals and soft spring-pink blush.  This is the one who shouted out loud - demurely, of course...

Happy Spring!

And spring it is, in all her glory on Raven Ridge. If it weren't for the marauding goat.

This goat is one of many that live on the property next to us.  I have no problem with goats. What I have a problem with is the owner of the goat who lets it wander - up the road and into my yard.

On its way around my garden this past week, it ate the new growth and buds off of several roses, completely consumed my blooming and about to bloom tulips (it came back the next day or several to finish that job), ate the tops off of the tiger lilies that were just setting buds (came back again and nibbled on the stalks), tasted and found lacking some sparaxis leaves, ate a few Douglas iris leaves (came back again to finish that job), and then left.  Mr CC only saw him one time and chased him off and down the road. But the goat came back.

Over the years, I have asked the property owner to keep her goats penned; that they have been wreaking havoc in my yard. She will comply and all will be well for a while, sometimes for several years. Then it starts all over again. This particular goat is a sweetheart and will compliantly scoot away when told. Too bad the owner can't be as compliant.

Photos of destruction coming soon...

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Sylvia K said...

Beautiful flowers, Christine!! Perfect pictures of spring! I bet that goat does enjoy your yard and garden!!! Looking forward to more pics!!!

M.D. Johns said...

I like goats, too, but I would not want one destroying my garden. I have a neighbor who lets her cat out to do the same thing. Or her dog. Or whatever animal she has at the time.

Simona said...

I hope the plants recover, though it sounds that that they may not bloom this year. Electric fence maybe?

forgetmenot said...

Beautiful photos--so soft and lovely. Goats are not animals you want wandering through your yard--good luck keeping him on the other side of the fence. Have a nice weekend. Mickie :)