Thursday, August 09, 2012

Trinidad Pier

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Fishing boats at Trinidad Pier
 The pier was under construction for many months.  I have night photos of huge boom cranes at work.

Now it's finished and I'm betting the fisher folk are mighty pleased.

So, ya got anything to eat?

The gulls have already anointed it with their special offerings.

Well, do ya?

As only gulls can.

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG Christine you made me laugh so hard about the gulls .. how true is that!
We have gulls here because of the Great Lakes and the seaway .. the funny thing is we have a few in the neighborhood that play king of the hill with our lamp posts .. once one gets on it he goes on forever with that calling bit .. comedians?
I love that picture of the
Trees on the almost bare rock .. it is so beautiful and makes me miss the seas even more .. I spent some very impressive years on the east coast and that never goes away.
So I really love your pictures : )
Yes TB !!! what the heck happened, they made a bloody mess of it (pun intended girl !) .. if they kill Eric I won't watch it any more .. and Pam ? she makes me laugh with her wit and dead pan face delivery .. another pun ? LOL
Fingers crossed they will pull their pants up and do something right with the writing !!! LOL

Christine said...

Hey, Joy. Yes, that Pam ... how can someone where such a get-up and keep a straight face is beyond me. My husband won't watch TB; I'm totally hooked on the camp.
Glad you like the photos. I was really that close to the gull - no telephoto lens. He just seemed to be waiting for me to give him a fish or something. :)

Christine said...

Oops! I meant to say "wear" not "where"!

Sylvia K said...

Wonderful captures, Christine, and I do love the gull and he does look like he's waiting for something and wondering when??? Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

That's a lotta boats there.

I love the bird shots. Awesome!

Christine said...

Thanks, Sylvia and Paz!

Mimi Mj Strategic Communications said...

Christine, you live in a magical place!

Christine said...

Hi Mimi
I think we both do. :-)