Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cool Water, Cool Weather, and Garden Zucchini

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Cool, foggy days are the norm during summers on the far north coast of California.  Sometimes it's so foggy and the air is so wet, the forecasters call it drizzle.  Locals call it spitting.

I wish I could send some of our weather to my friends, family, and blogging friends who are dealing with record heat and drought this summer.  And maybe get just a bit of sun in return.  The zucchini would like that.

The best I can do is invite you to visit coastal Humboldt County to experience for yourselves what life is like in California's refrigerator; where the majestic redwoods meet the Pacific Ocean and outdoor fun includes camping, biking, hiking, fishing, surfing, boogie boarding, skateboarding, and beach walking.  All in coastal-cool summer temps.  Can you say "today's high, 62-degrees" in mid-July?  In the northern hemisphere?

And if you bring a bit of sun with you, you just might get zucchini for dinner, chez nous.

 A sunny and warm late spring had the zucchini growing like zucchini should: from itty bitty fruits to kitchen-size overnight.  Now that summer has settled in it's growing at a more sedate pace.  This is definitely not the Sacramento Valley!

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Sylvia K said...

I do love the fountain, Christine! Such a delightful capture! We're finally having some sun and blue skies, but some rain is on its way for the weekend! Enjoy your weekend!!

Christine said...

Usually rain in your area means rain in ours a few days later. This is one time where I would welcome it. Rain would mix out the deep fog layer that's been on top of us for a week. Have a wonderful weekend, Sylvia.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Christine girl hello there !
I too love the fountain with the touch of bamboo .. peaceful : )
I will bring you our hot (and yes humid) sunny weather for some of your rain .. we could SO use that here ..
Once of the worst summers yet and we all know it isn't going to get better! .. BIG sigh!
Joy ;-)

Anonymous said...

62 degrees! I'll be right there!

Mimi Mj Strategic Communications said...

How soon can I get there?