Monday, June 04, 2012


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Owlbert, doing his very best to keep the pesky quail from decimating the vegetable garden, needed help.  

Afterowl, how many quail can one silent owl scare off?

Enter Hootie, whoooo even without his compliment of Blowfish, scares the feathers off of the resident quail with his haunting, sudden and rather loud hooting accompanied by the turning of his head, which, I found out, can turn totally backwards, and that's a bit disconcerting to see.  

A daunting sentinel indeed, Hootie is so fierce that he startled a flock of mourning doves
that were just settling into the chicken yard for their morning snack of grain.

That was quite a sight:  doves flying in all directions cooing WTF???

Now maybe I can harvest lettuce, kale and chard that don't look like they've been peppered with buckshot,
and the chickens won't have to share their breakfast. 

Update, July 12, 2012:  The band-tail pigeons have arrived, as they do each summer and, sadly, they are not fooled by plastic owls.  This is quite a bummer.

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Sylvia K said...

Oh, I love Hootie! And I can just imagine what the pesky ones are thinking!! WTF, indeed!! What a great addition to the garden! If I came upon him unexpectedly in the dark I'd probably be saying/yelling the same thing! Love your captures of this guy!!