Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring in my Garden - Quail

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Some people I know have herds of wild turkeys roam through their yards.  Me, I've got quail. A bevy of them. A covey of them. They stay year-round, chittering and flying away as one unit with a huge whirrr of wings if I get too close.

This small portion of the flock (covey?) was just outside one of my windows yesterday, unaware that I was watching, clicking, hoping they would hold still enough for their 15 seconds of fame.

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Sylvia K said...

What lovely birds! I love them! Looks like they're enjoying themselves! How fun! I love your photos, Christine, as always! Hope you have a lovely week ahead!


forgetmenot said...

What great shots--they did "hold still" long enough. What fun to have so close by! Mickie

Christine said...

Thanks Sylvia and Mickie. I love them too. I was away for the weekend which is why your comments got posted late. Sorry about that. I'll catch up to you soon.

elvira pajarola said...

HOW SWEET....Christine, they love your special garden; it must be that....; what do they like to pick in your secret garden....????

Tell me what and I will plant it toooooooo...I'd love to have these sympatic colourfull visitors in my garden too!!!!!!!

You took gorgeous photos of these lovely birds; just amazingly beautiful...!

ciao ciao elvira

anna maria said...

You are so lucky - they are so beautiful. I hope they don't have a hunting season where you live. Where I am now hunting season is open from October through January, and it is very stressful to be out in the country and to hear gunshots going off all around you. And it's mostly poor birds that get it, of every kind, even sparrows. So sad.