Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter in my Garden - Tiny Clematis Buds

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Signs of spring are everywhere in my garden, from the leaf buds on the dogwood and alder trees to these tiny clematis buds which are no bigger than the tip of your pinkie finger.  I was glad to catch these in the evening  sunlight before the rains began yesterday.

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indicaspecies said...

Brilliant shot. Love the evening light on the buds!

Christine said...

Thanks for the visit, Celine. I'm glad you like this shot; I do too.
I've put you in my sidebar to stay informed of your posts. Cool blog you have!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

That is such a beautiful shot Christine .. the light so soft, the bud looking so full of promise .. I am truly jealous of you girl ;-)
We have so long to go before that will happen here .. you are very lucky !!
Joy : )

Anonymous said...

i love signs of spring! ;-)


Christine said...

I wish for you an early spring, Joy. You've been in the cold and gray for far too long.

Me too, Paz! :)

hare said...

Oh! they are very nice buds!