Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter in My Garden - Early Narcissus

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Harbingers of spring in my garden include these narcissus that have been left neglected in an old wooden half-barrel. They are not my favorite narcissus but they're steady bloomers and they do make me smile when I come across them.

The day began sunny and mild this morning but in the blink of an eye turned cool with dark gray, lowering clouds with a breeze full of the smell of rain.  The January thaw is over. Winter isn't.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! They are making me smile, too. ;-)

Marvin said...

Blooms definitely worthy of a smile.

anna maria said...

How pretty they are. I really like half barrels and I wonder if they exist here. I've never seen them around, but that may be because no one really reuses anything much here, unless necessity forces them too.

Christine said...

Thanks Paz and Marvin. :)

Annamaria, check around winery sites. That's where my half-barrels come from.

hare said...

Yes, we have narcissus in my garden too.

They give us little happy.^^