Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Autumn in My Garden - Shadowplay in Penstemon

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"Mom, how're you doing?"

"Well, I haven't put up a blog post in about a month..."

"Actually, it's been exactly 35 days."

"Wow, you keep track?"

"Yes.  So, how're you doing?"

We had a wonderful, long conversation, but the upshot is:  Nothing like a call from one of your kids to remind you that you've been remiss in the blogging arena.

Besides missing visiting my favorite bloggers, I've missed taking photos for Shadow Shot Sunday. So between bouts of rain the other day, the sun shone and illuminated the stamens inside these penstemon blossoms and I was able to take my first SSS shots in quite a while.

Shadow Shot Sunday lives on Tracy's blog, Hey Harriet.  Take a look each Sunday for great shadow photos from all over the place.

PS - Thanks, Miles!

PPS - Tracy, I'll link to you as soon as Mr. Linky wakes up. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I recently took a photo of a lavendar-colored flower, too. I love the new banner, too.

Much love,

Hey Harriet said...

These take my breath a away! Stunning! It's so lovely having you sharing shadow shots again. We missed you!

PS - Sorry if Mr Linky was missing earlier. A couple of others had problems also. Bad Mr Linky!

I hope you have an awesome week :)

Christine said...

Thank you dear Paz. I'll check out your photo.

Hi Tracy. I'm so glad you like the photos. Nevermind Mr. Linky. I think it's because I'm always a day late! ;)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Those are gorgeous shots Christine !
I will have to look at my penstemon differently next year to see if I can get them to show off like yours have for you ! LOL
Joy : )

Happy Dog said...

I had to come to your blog because you and I share a love of ChickenFreak's vignettes. I must say that your photos are GORGEOUS. These are the kind of photos I would want blown up and hanging on the white walls of my apartment. You are really, really good. I want to take pictures like this. Some day I will add this to my list of pursuits. Writing now. Photography later!

Christine said...

Thanks Joy. I await your penstemon photos come next spring.

Christine said...

Hello Happy Dog and thank you so much for those accolades! At times I will wallow in the I'm not good enough scummy, shallow pond of self-doubt. You have just lifted me up and out of that tepid water. :)