Thursday, July 01, 2010

July in My Garden - Day Lilies

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The day lilies are beginning to bloom in my garden. I particularly like this one with its ruffled edges.

This one, with its iridescent petals and long-reaching stamens, lives near a messy part of the yard, as you can see in the background.  I must get that cleaned up this summer.

I hope to get one more post up before I take off for Portland where I won't have my computer. But I will have Portland!  I'll check up on y'all when I can.

Happy gardening!

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Sylvia K said...

Exquisite flowers and colors! Glad to know someone else has a messy corner in their yard! Enjoy your time in Portland, Christine, one of my favorite places!


hare said...

Oh Christine, it is too beautiful!
I love this picture!

Christine said...

Sylvia, I love Portland beyond most other cities, so I know I will enjoy all the days I spend there. :)

Hi Maki, I'm so glad you like the daylilies!