Friday, April 02, 2010

No Computer - No Posts

Pin It I am bereft.

My computer is in the hospital and won't be home until Monday at the earliest.

All my edited photos that remain at the ready for posting live on that computer.

Sure, I keep my originals on external hard drives, but this loaner computer I'm currently using doesn't have PhotoShop or any other photo tweakers, so I'm stuck until I get my very ill computer back, hopefully as good or better as new.

At least I can still see my favorite bloggers' posts over the weekend.  And I will.

Happy Easter!  And have a wonderful weekend.

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HARE said...

I am waiting for your posting.
Do you have any hard disk for buck up to your data?

Christine B. said...

It must be difficult not to have your computer available. Hope it gets a clean bill of health soon and you can get back to blogging.

Christine in Alaska

Light and Voices said...

I hope you will be back blogging soon. I miss your posts. Trouble you are having is not fun!
Joyce M

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! Hope all your computer woes are resolved very soon.

Paz xoxo

Christine said...

Hi Makiko. Yes I have a hard disk backup, thankfully. Thank you for asking. I'm hoping all this will be over soon and I'll have my own familiar computer back.

Thank you Christine and Joyce. A few days seems like eons to bloggers, doesn't it?