Friday, March 05, 2010

March in the Garden - Kerria japonica 'pleniflora'

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Bright points of yellow are beginning to punctuate the browns and grays of my late winter garden. Kerria japonica , also known as Easter Rose and Japanese Yellow Rose, is just one of those bright points. This shrub loves being in the company of Rhododendrons, azaleas and a slow-growing berberis in one of the garden beds just outside the front door. It's nice to walk by it these days and be reminded that more flowers will be blooming soon.

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NellJean said...

Kerria is marvelous for tumbling down a bank, or in my case, tumbling UP a bank that is a problem area.

The prettiest use of it I've seen is along the street that runs south from the old capitol building in Tallahassee, FL, where it gracefully tumbles for blocks along the roadside.

ChickenFreak said...

Ooh. So pretty. I've tried to grow this for years, and it never, ever blooms.

Anonymous said...

i love the yellow color. ;-)


Christine said...

Hi NellJean, I would love to see a riot of Kerria tumbling up, or down, a slope. My little shrub is never totally covered in blossoms. I don't think it's warm enough here.

CF, my Kerria took at least 5 years in the ground before it would bloom. I think it likes heat. Maybe up against a sunny wall.

Hi Paz!! Spring and yellow really make a pair don't they?

HARE said...

I saw your Azalea with Viburnum. I had never seen before that color in your blog 2008.

I have Christmas rose too. ^^

Christine said...

Thank you Maki. The Viburnum has engulfed the azalea this year. I've got to trim it so the azalea blossoms can show through again.