Thursday, January 28, 2010

January in the Garden 2010 - Pink Camellia

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I know it's still winter but I'm feeling an ever so slight shift in the air. It may just be the January Thaw that we often experience up here. January being relative - it could be in February, or December, but mostly January. The rains cease - for a while. The sun shines - for a while.

Buds are beginning to swell on the wisteria, the quince bush has a few lonesome blossoms and a single narcissus has bloomed, as well as this pink camillia. My spirits have lifted too.

Here's what was happening in my garden one year ago today.

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HARE said...

How beautiful! This pink petal is like cream .
I have white one. I love camillia too.^^
I'm waiting for blooming.

Christine said...

Thank you Hare. I'm so glad you like it.