Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter in My Garden 2009 - Christmas Eve Sky

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Well, it's not in my garden, but it was taken from the back deck.
With sunset colors like this, I just knew that Christmas Day would be beautiful.
Stay tuned . . .

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Flowers said...

Nice blog with awesome picture of Winter in My Garden 2009 - Christmas Eve Sky. Expecting some more picture like this on your upcoming blog.

Anonymous said...

A glorious sight!


Christine said...

Thank you Flowers and dear Paz. Paz, I knew you'd like this photo!

To my readers:
If you happen to click on "Flowers" to see who is leaving these comments, the link will take you to a commercial flower and garden sales site. Generally I would not leave a commercial comment on my blog, but have decided to leave this one for the time being as it may have content that is useful to gardening enthusiasts. Jury is still out though ...

anna maria said...

Beautiful sky, you are reminding me that I haven't taken nearly enough photos lately! I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
By the way, in the past few weeks I have suddenly been getting quite a few "spam" comments, so I changed my settings so I can monitor them. That has allowed me to reject some and allow others. A couple were in foreign languages (chinese?). Don't know what's up.