Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Autumn in My Garden 2009 - Morning Sky with Rainbow and Chickens

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Since the world fell back to a more civilized time frame on November 2nd (I'm speaking of that magical time of 2 am on Sunday morning when daylight saving time goes back to where it belongs - not on our clocks, and not, for a time anyway, skewing the lives of those of us who get up with the dawn and get sleepy when night falls), I've been happily rising at 6 am, making my tea and heading outside to watch the light creep softly down the redwood trees to finally land on fencetops, garden and chicken yard.
The neighborhood roosters will have been crowing for at least an hour and my hens are either cackling away, proudly announcing the production of each and every egg, or they are talking softly amongst themselves, waiting for the door to open, then spilling out, tumbling over each other to be first. At what remains a mystery.
All this was going on several mornings ago, when I looked to the western sky and saw a rainbow out over the ocean. It was not raining, there were just a few high clouds, but the rising sun must have been hitting the ocean moisture just right, because there it was:
An auspicious beginning to an already beautiful day.

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azplantlady said...


I came across your blog on Blotanical. What beautiful, early morning photos of your garden! I especially love the rainbow you were able to catch :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome start of the morning.


Christine said...

How nice of you to stop by, Noelle. Thanks!

Yes it was, Paz. It stayed with me all day. :)