Sunday, November 02, 2008

Autumn In The Garden #7 - Pink Chrysanthemums

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What says Autumn better than mums?

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Simona said...

How pretty! I was just looking at mine: they are not yet open.

Anonymous said...

*gasp!* These are gorgeous and this is a wonderful shot of them!

You should think about participating in the Today's Flowers photo event next time. Every Monday (many start posing Sunday because of time differences) you post a photo flower. If you're interested, stop by my photo blog and look under any of the Today's Flowers posts there. It's really easy and fun to participate. More folks should be able to see this beauty.

Also looking forward to your shadow shots contribution. That's another fun event, too. Every Sunday (because of time difference many post Saturday).

Paz ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful pink

Christine said...

Thank you, Simona. Some time you're going to have to stop by during the daylight hours so you can see what's in bloom. :)

Hi Paz, Glad you like this. I do too. And, as you know, I've joined Today's Flowers and am glad I did!

Thanks so much, Anne. It's good to hear from you.