Friday, February 08, 2008

Winter In My Garden #8 - Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

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Corita Kent, also known as Sister Corita (does anyone remember the L O V E stamp?, created a serigraph, a silkscreen print, in the '80s of a simple line of crocuses in bloom. The caption read, "So far the crocuses have always come up." I was so enchanted by that simple, hope-springs-eternal phrase that I purchased the 200th print and to this day it has a place of prominence in my home.

Much like Sister Corita's crocuses, these miniuscule iris bloom year after year in my garden, often catching me by surprise in early February just when I'm thinking that winter will last forever. Hope.

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jodi said...

Your I.r are blooming already? Gee...I won't see ours til mid-April, unless I buy some prechilled for indoor forcing, like I did last year. Such beautiful, dainty flowers--I like them better than the big bearded beauties, because you really have to pause to enjoy them.

kate said...

Hi Christine,

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! This is such a beautiful photograph with the water droplets shining on the petals. Sister Corita - yes, yes, I remember the L O V E stamp ... Hope. Yes, hope, for when we have hope, we can get through anything.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Christine. Beautiful.


Simona said...

That's amazing that it bloomed already. I think we have some in our garden too.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful iris and well captured Christine.