Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer In My Garden #6 - Rose Pink Japanese Anemone

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With apologies to my dear inlander family and friends: While the rest of California, with the possible exception of San Francisco, is being blasted by hot summer weather, we heathens here on the 'North Coast' awoke this morning (and yesterday morning, and the morning before) to drippy, drippy fog and drizzle.

Everything is wet, the foggy sky is hugging the ground, and the banana slugs are having a heyday. So if it's too hot where you live, come on over to the redwoods, beaches and ocean. We'd like the tourist dollars and you can get out of the heat for a while.

To read more about this region of California and its sometimes checkered past, click here and here.

Oh! I almost forgot the flower photos. Mid-summer is when my Japanese Anemones begin to bloom. Also called Windflowers, they sway gaily in the slightest breeze atop 3-foot stems.

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Simona said...

Beautiful! I like taking photos of banana slugs, though I hate to find them around my vegetables. I love anemones, the ones on land and the ones in the ocean.