Sunday, February 04, 2007


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Growing on an old redwood stump, these fungi show up every winter.

These were rather strange. No more than 1/4-inch tall and about the size of a matchstick head, brown dust flew everywhere when I blew on them.


Shane Marie said...

These are very cool, Christine. Excellent photos.

I found out about a book event in your neck of the woods. Amy Stewart, author of Flower Confidential: The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers was at Northtown Books this afternoon. Did you happen to check it out? I learned about it from The Inadvertant Gardener http://inadvertentgardener.wordpress.com/2007/01/31/flowers-for-a-friday-night/
Looks like an interesting read.

Shane Marie

Christine said...

Hi there Shane,
I happen to know Amy, who lives up here and is a delightful person. I didn't go to her book signing but intend to buy her new book. I've read several excerpts from it and really liked it.
Thanks for your comment about my photos. You, being a former north coast resident, can probably tell that they're really not very big at all!

Anonymous said...

I love the striking colours of the fungi.