Friday, January 12, 2007


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It snowed yesterday.
For 15 glorious, quiet minutes, big, cottony, white flakes fell from the sky only to instantly melt on the ground.
It was a lovely, fleeting moment. Then the sun came out.
Later, the stars in the clear, cold night sky seemed to be crystals of ice, glittering and sparkling with a light of their own.
And then it froze. Hard. Down to 28 degrees. And we woke up to a white world, a few photos of which I give you today. With more to come after the weekend.
All this may not seem like such a big whoop to those who live with ice and snow all winter long, but we live on the coast of northern California. And we don't see weather like this very often at all. Snow down to the beach.
To us, it's quite a marvel.


Anonymous said...

I would say it's quite unusual for where you leave pretty while it lasts, did it last long.

Shane Marie said...

These are beautiful, Christine. I just love the ice on the rose--you really have a knack. Your description is poetry, too.
Stay cozy,
Shane Marie

Paz said...

Especially love the photo of the snow-covered rose. Wonderful pics!