Friday, October 27, 2006

Last Wednesday Night Beach Night ...

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... for this year anyway. Daylight savings will roll the clock back one hour this coming Sunday morning, taking our after-work beach light away, until next year. As Mark, says, "There's always weekends", but it won't be the same.

There's something special about making the effort to put food, drink, firewood, grills, tablecloths, paper plates and cups together in the middle of the week and schlepp it all down to the beach to have dinner with friends.

Beach Night won't cease altogether until next summer, though. At the end of last summer we all vowed to keep the tradition going through the winter by having our weekly gatherings at one another's houses, doing it just a bit less often than weekly. These turned out so well last year that we're going to continue doing them. Much to my delight.

So here's to the end of Beach Night on the beach

and here's to the beginning of Beach Night, Winter-Style. I'll be keeping you posted.

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