Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Foxes...

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Our friends who live several creek drainages over had this trio of baby foxes living under their barn. When they were finally big enough to be out and cavorting on the edge of the woods, Ilene got a couple of shots with her camera. With each step that brought her closer to her subjects, a little fox would scamper into the woods until just one was left. Then it, too, was gone!

Photos published with permission.


Dianna said...

Awe, there so cute!! What a treat to see them out cavorting. Nice pics--

christine said...

Hi D,
They look so cuddly, don't they?

sher said...

Love that. We had a large fox that came around looking for food set out for feral cats. It was quite smart, and lovely.

Jann said...

Now, these little guys could come live in my backyard! they are so precious!