Monday, September 04, 2006


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On our walk to the beach yesterday, we decided to stroll along the harbor pier to see what was happening. Lots of fishing boats were coming in with lots of fish: salmon, ling cod, sand dabs and another smaller fish I couldn't identify. The gulls were all lined up waiting for a snack to come their way. This one evidently thought I was a likely food source. He never flinched when I got close with the camera. Lest anyone is worried, the red dot on its beak is a normal coloring, not blood. Click on the photo to enlarge. For even more detail, mouse over the lower right-hand corner until an orange box appears then click on that box.


Paz said...

Very cool! I admire these brave birds that approach the humans and aren't afraid. ;-)


christine said...

Yes, it's a lot of fun for us folks who appreciate being able to see them up close. Not to put a downer on the subject, but it's a double-edged sword in that there are some people who will and have done them harm by being able to get so close.