Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Garden Intruder

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I've never seen a spider like this on our property.
It looks dark and menacing, all scrunched up with its legs
facing front over its head. *Shudder*!


Shane Marie said...

Yikes--he doesn't look like Charlotte!

Your photos are stunning. I have been trying to take a decent shot of some inhabitants of my garden, but all I could come up with so far is a shot of a snail--it's probably the only thing moving slowly enough for me to keep up with it!

What is the plant your spider is resting on?

I'm enjoying your blog with its visuals of my old haunt Humboldt County. I'm in the SF bay area now, where these hills turn crunchy golden the second the spring rains think about stopping; I sure do miss the verdant green!

christine said...

Hi Shane,
The plant is a Japanese Anemone leaf with a bud.
I'm so glad you're enjoying my photography, which I continute to learn about as I go along. This is a very new venture for me and I think I'm having a case of beginner's luck.
I know what you mean about dryness setting in after the spring rains abate. I lived in the Sacramento valley most of my life and this is heaven compared to that. Although I do miss it still.

Paz said...

Dark and menacing is right. What did you do about it. Did you leave it alone?


christine said...

Hi Paz,
I always leave all the critters alone when they're outside where they're supposed to be. If that spider had been in the house, I would have tried to remove it to the great outdoors. I would have had a hard time sleeping knowing it was in the house with me!