Monday, August 28, 2006

Fuzzy Wuzzy

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Amidst a flurry of garden cleanup, I was about to yank a weed out of a flower bed
when I spied this very fuzzy caterpilar among the plants.

I haven't a clue what moth or butterfly this will eventually turn into,
but I'm willing to find out.

All curled up on my glove.

Really needing to find a way off this leaf and back to safety. And it did.


Paz said...

You mean that's going to turn into a moth of butterfly? Wow! ;-)

I have recommended your blog for Blog Day 2006 here.


christine said...

Well thanks, Paz. I think you're my greatest fan on this blog. I'll do my best for Blog Day 2006.

Anna Maria said...

I love the photos of fuzzy wuzzy and of your garden with the waist-high weeds. It's beautiful.
I found your blog listed on Paz's