Sunday, August 20, 2006

Crocosmia 'Solfatare'

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I said I would publish a photo of the yellow crocosmia when it bloomed and, finally, here it is.
This crocosmia, or Montbretia "Solfatare", as is its botanical name, is different from the orange and red crocosmias which bloom in my garden. The plant itself is smaller, growing to about 12 - 14 inches in height as opposed to the towering 36-inches the 'Lucifer' can reach. It sports bronze-y foliage, which is quite beautiful nestled among blue flowering shrubs such as Ceanothus. In fact, mine is growing quite nicely between a pale blue Ceanothus and a dwarf, green & red-leafed Japanese maple. The last major difference is that is blooms much, much later in my garden than the others.


Shane Marie said...

At first glance I would have sworm I read Montbretia "Software." I gotta get out of Silicon Valley more!

This is gorgeous with it's tangerine buds and lemony bloom.

Shane Marie said...

I did it again! A grammatical gaffe,--no, two!-- in my comment. I really need to find that Strunk and White...

christine said...

That ol' "its" as opposed to "it's". I think it's the most commonly made error in the English language.
No worries, Shane. We all do it!

Paz said...

I would say, "beautiful." But since I use it for all your flower posts, I'll change my comment to, "Very, very nice." ;-) Paz