Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Skip The Clown Dog

Pin It This is Skip. He's 4 1/2 years old. His nickname is "Clown Dog", because he is one. After a 4-year long very steep learning curve, he will now bring the ball back to the thrower, thus enabling the game to continue. Maybe he was overshadowed by the ever-so-smart "Jack". It may seem hard to believe, but the two of them are distant cousins: both being half Australian Cattle Dog (Queensland Heeler). Skip's other half is Australian Shepherd. Jack's is Jack Russell Terrier. And that's the tall and the short of it.


Paz said...

Cute! And very interesting breeds!


sher said...

He's a doll. I agree with Paz. Those are very good breeds. I notice that Australian Shepards are getting very popular

Dianna said...

I love my queensland heeler!! She is also a "Clown Dog" who loves to chew on shoes. She has gone through at least 7 pair now.

christine said...

I knew a photo of Skip would bring great comments. He's such a goofy guy. I was lucky to get this photo as he doesn't hold still for long.