Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Plight Of The Bumblebee

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Oh my lucky stars! This gorgeous creature, all black and yellow, was
hanging onto a Buddleia this morning, eating a bumblebee! I couldn't
believe my eyes. If you click a photo to enlarge, especially the last one,
and you can just see the yellow fuzz of the last part of the poor bee being munched.
Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me (I really should glue it to my hip!)
when I first saw this drama being played out. Only half of the bee had been
eaten then and I couldn't believe what I was seeing and just stood there,
dumbfounded, for a few minutes. Then I first shot two video clips where you can
actually see the munching going on, but now I can't figure out how to upload
them to my blog. Research needs to be done.

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