Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Kid In Town

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A new spider has appeared on my flowers. Not the chamaeleon spider that's so prevalent in the spring. This one is all spindly legs and doesn't react so readily when I get my camera close to it. Good thing. I hate it when they jump at me.


Paz said...

I'm glad the spider didn't jump out on you.

By the way, I understand the temp is in the triple digits in CA. How are the plants and flowers and garden life surviving?


Paz said...

p.s. the flower is beautiful. What is it?


p.p.s. Am I asking more questions than your 3 year old? *big silly grin*

christine said...

Your questions are just fine with me, Paz. And Jeffrey is now 29 years old! No longer that 3 rd. old but just as adorable.
The flower is a Japanese Anemone. I have several types in my garden including a double pink which I will post soon.