Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Not for the Squeamish

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(Update: the photos above were taken on 5/25/06,
the day after my original post and photo below.
The bee was gone - dropped? eaten? I couldn't tell,
but the spider seems ready for the next un-witting
critter to get too close.)

I'm getting ready to leave on this two-week trip
and thought after the Calla Lily post that I wouldn't
put up another one until I returned to the west coast.


Zipping by the Honeybush Buddlia this afternoon,
I spied another "chameleon" spider, neon yellow this time,

with a honey bee firmly in its grasp. Not one to pass up
something this wild, wicked and wonderful, I sprinted into
my office, snatched up my camera and took the photo below.
"My, my, my, said the spider
to the fly..."

1 comment:

old school friend from England said...

Wow Christine you really were in the right place at the right time what a great photo and have a great time east.